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World Team Trophy 2017 - Gala and banquet

Team Japan Exhibition Performance

Detail of Yuzuru jacket with his signature


All on Ice + Kanako announces retirement + Yuzuru shout - 2017 World Team Trophy


 Yuzuru HANYU 羽生結弦 EX - 2017 World Team Trophy



 Yuzuru / Medvedeva / Shoma - We Wanna Party - WTT 2017 


    World Team Trophy 2017 - Banquet

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Yuzuru Hanyu and Shizuka Arakawa’s monument even in Sendai.

sweetyuzuruhanyu on Instagram: Japanese band was waiting for him, they said Yuzu kun and Yuzuru got embarrassed

170416 本日お披露目!杜の都の新たな宝!! by YzRIKO

Yuzuru Hanyu & Shizuka Arukawa Monument... by prismaticgem

 Yuzuru Hanyu and Arakawa Shizuka — both are Olympic Champions and natives of Sendai.


 Yuzuru Hanyu in Sendai, Japan for the monument ceremony

The interview of Yuzuru and Shizuka is a little extensive, but very interesting and relaxed. The interview was translated into English by tadakixd.tumblr., enter there and give a read.

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Yuzuru and Javier - Worlds 2017

A few moments later, Hanyu arrived in the interview area, hugged Fernandez, removed the new shiny gold medal from his own neck and placed it around Fernandez’s.
The New York Times. 

Yuzuru and Javier hugging after Yuzuru’s win | ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2017

Brian Orser’s week at Worlds with skaters Yuzuru Hanyu and Javier Fernandez

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This blog is a summary of some facts of life and skater Yuzuru Hanyu career. The idea came from not find almost anything here in Brazil about Yuzuru and / or skating , but when searching the world discovered so things became difficult absorb and organize all ; hence this blog was born .